The magic of a group enables individuals to gain a sense of universality, reduces isolation and fosters feelings of connectedness. Once the felt sense of the safety of the group is established, significant progress in an individual’s life can be made.

Tania has developed a wealth of experience over the past 15 years in holding and facilitating groups for adults and children with mental health conditions and trauma, community consultations, school groups, and professional development sessions. Initially running art projects and consultation within a community setting, Tania now facilitates ongoing art psychotherapy groups to explore personal themes for change and personal development.

Groups can be:

  • Designed to meet the specific needs of your client group
  • Facilitated specifically at your organisation or online
  • Created for adults and for children.

Types of groups:

  • Interactive psychodynamic therapy groups that facilitate self-awareness, insight and understanding
  • For wellbeing and social connectedness
  • Art Therapy groups for self-expression and regulation
  • Theme-based structured groups
  • Somatic Experiencing psycho-education and demonstration
  • Mindfulness for greater presence and resilience, or relaxation
  • For professional development.

Check the Workshops page offered in Integrated Trauma Therapy for other groups you might like to join.

Please note the following recommendations are applicable for all groups:

  • To have 6–8 people in a group, with a minimum of 4
  • Run for a minimum of 2 hours; if held off-site, an extra hour is required for set up and pack up
  • Participants to be group ready by understanding what is involved, how to participate in a group, and value rules set by the group
  • Participants need to understand the different experiences gained in specific ‘one-off’ groups compared to regular ongoing groups such as a program that may run for 6 or 12 weeks.