The Creative C

The Creative C was born from a desire to honour and nurture both art-making and therapeutic practices under the same umbrella.

For facilitators, it offers studio space to run groups & workshops, consultation rooms for private practice and a plethora of art-making materials and somatic resources.

And for participants, there is a range of workshops, programs and groups for all ages to take upon. Whether it is for wellbeing, mental health, trauma processing, support, creative expression, artistic skill development & tuition, or relaxation and spirituality.

If you have a need for self-expression through creative art and movement or want to go deeper with a more therapeutic process, it is all here for you.

The space is located at 2/2 Colin Avenue Warrandyte VIC 3113.

The Creative Continuum is what Tania Virgona, the founder of Creative C uses to describe the spectrum in which we use creativity to serve different functions in our lives and the world.  From the first marks on a piece of paper in an attempt to represent our internal experience and to mark that we exist, to a highly crafted body of work to be viewed by the masses and all the experiences of creativity in between.

The Creative Continuum provides a space and an online platform to explore, express and reclaim our need for creativity as a valuable function in our lives. 

  • Waiting room  
  • Studio space 
  • Kitchenette 
  • Materials storeroom 
  • 2 individual consulting rooms  
  • Mailing list 
  • Tea coffee 
  • Bond 
  • Heating cooling 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Printing and scanning

The Creative C Address

2/2 Colin Avenue Warrandyte VIC 3113