Somatic Experiencing Touch Work For Trauma and Stress Processing

Somatic Experiencing touch work is an advanced skill applied to the body as a whole. It is NOT to be mistaken for massage or manipulation of the body in any way. Used in conjunction with Somatic Experiencing verbal psychotherapy, touch work provides greater access to gently releasing bound or braced energies in the body. These energies are types of body tension patterns that can result in migraines, anxiety, physical pain and auto immune issues, to name a few. Touch can also stimulate the body to move towards regulation when shutdown and collapsed presentations appear. This shutdown often presents as chronic fatigue, depression, low blood pressure, disassociation, and some mental health conditions.

Touch work aims to:

  • Enable co-regulation and develop the neuroception (felt sense) of safety
  • Provide grounding
  • Support coherence of the various systems within the body, such as the immune, digestive and ANS, heart variability and blood pressure, fascia, muscle and bone repair, and the functioning of organs
  • Move bound trauma energy in joints, diaphragms, muscles and organs
  • Improve mental and psychical health
  • Support access to the motor system designed to respond and complete self-protective defences for regulation
  • Access the parasympathetic system for healthy rest and digestion (the low dorsal tone within Polyvagal theory)
  • Bring specific intention and attention to the above-mentioned body systems to facilitate greater presence, attunement and regulation
  • Facilitate the experience of nourishing rest.

Touch work has the potential to offer vital assistance in repairing complex trauma and developmental trauma. The right application of touch can promote physiological healing and connection with self and others.

Individual consultation (60 or 90 mins)

For Adults and Children

Work cover

NDIS self-managed

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Registered with SETI and ACA level 4

Active assistant in the Somatic Experiencing Australia Trainings

Beginner & Intermediate SE session provider